Venturer Prime Pro 12 TS

VERDICT – a vivid Full HD touchscreen saves this budget hybrid from feeling a little too cheap.

We approached the Prime Pro 12 TS with trepidation; at £350, it makes sense that overall quality is on the up, but this is still firmly at the budget end of the market for Windows 10 2-in-1s. And even with the tablet’s trapezium shape evoking the Microsoft Surface range, there’s a sense – at least initially –that you’re once again getting exactly what you pay for.

The screen bezels, for example, are on the chunky side –and because the front-facing 2-megapixel camera is placed dead center of the left panel (when in landscape mode), the left bezel is thicker than the right, forcing the screen ever so slightly off-center. In fact, the whole tablet is rather thick; at 11.7mm deep, it’s bulkier than the old Surface 2, and with the keyboard/stand attachment folded on either side, the whole thing measures 24.6mm across. That’s roughly the same as a couple of ultra-portable laptops stacked together…
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